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Gollywogs 2

Gollywogs, Gollywog, Golliwogs, Golliwog, Gollywoggs and Gollys


The Gollywog Gallery


There are many spellings of the word Gollywog

Gollywogs, Gollywog, Golliwogs, Golliwog, Gollywoggs, Gollywogg, Gollys, but they all mean a beautifully dressed black doll.



Below is a range of Gollywogs


These Gollywogs lived in the Endangered Forest in Chiltern, Victoria, Australia, but now wish to see the World.

If you would like to care for one of the World's Most Endangered Species, please select one or more of these beautiful Gollywogs shown below, and apply below to obtain their release forms and or Passports.


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Gollywog Number 1

Chgoly11.JPG (11766 bytes)

Chgoly17.JPG (6836 bytes)



Gollywog Number 2

Chgoly13.JPG (13835 bytes)

Chgoly12.JPG (12542 bytes)



Chgoly20.JPG (17398 bytes)



Gollywog Number 3

Chgoly15.JPG (9491 bytes)

Chgoly16.JPG (7953 bytes)



Gollywog Number 4

Chgoly18.JPG (9254 bytes)

Chgoly19.JPG (9750 bytes)







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