There are many reasons why you may not be able to reach a site:-

Someone got the name wrong
Server does not have a DNS entry or similar message:
Check your spelling, case and punctuation.
It is always possible that the name (or URL) was mis-typed or incorrectly quoted at your original source.

The site may have moved
Location (URL) not found on this server or similar message:
Frequently you'll get a redirection message in this case, if not you may have to use a search engine to try to find the new location.

Their server may be too busy (too many other people trying to access it):
Server is too busy or not accepting connections
Try again later.

Their end (their server) may be off line
Server is too busy or not accepting connections.
Try again much later.

There may be a disruption to the service, for example, the gateway into the US may have "died", or your own modem may have dropped the line or dialler has crashed, or your Browser or Operating System is playing up.
Server does not have a DNS entry or similar message:


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HINT: Sometimes, stopping the current transfer by hitting the stop icon, and then trying the reload or refresh icon can sucessfully restart a tempermental or unusually slow connect.

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